Writing Examples

Ghost Writing:  Many companies simply need help writing content to better educate their audience and to support with Organic SEO.  The following articles were researched and written with appropriate on-page SEO elements.  These articles were specifically generically branded to keep the focus upon their brand.

Published Articles:  Here are a few articles that I wrote that were published online for public access.

Web Copy:  I have worked with independent developers, agencies, and app developers to help streamline the conversation and track the conversion process.  Listed here are a few of the websites that I have specifically written or worked closely with the professional to craft a more clear message.

  • Fastlane Savings – this website represents a Mobile Application that provides members access to local saving opportunities from participating local retailers and travel partners.  When I took on this project, it was being marketed with a traditional mentality of a physical card someone received, not the use of the mobile app.  I redefined the audience and clarified all web copy to reflect the appropriate conversation.  Additionally, I supported the sales process by creating template conversations for their sales team and also prepared email PDF’s that they could use to support their sales efforts as a “walk away tool” schools or athletic directors might use to engage a committee decision process.  The CEO was pleased with the results and the plan outlined for sales.
  • Gynecologic Surgery (Dr. Veronikis) – This website is one of 4 that he initially created and remains active.  The other 3 were removed either to streamline his branding conversation or to reduce his potential liability in certain communities.  I worked with him to create a more user-friendly conversation despite the technical language that remained involved based on the medical industry.  I also worked closely with Dr. Veronikis to modify the anatomy images used within the site to better serve his patients and staff in their communications with patients.

Press Releases:  Over my career, I have written many press releases that were published in both trade magazines and local newspapers.  In addition, I have supported organizations in distributing these items to the media and have helped them achieve mentions in radio announcements and invitations to be part of local news broadcasts.  The following includes examples of recent work.

Design Samples

Print/ Media Design: The following are recent examples of branded materials I developed for promotional use by companies in a B2C environment.

  • Flier for Basket Ball Program Announcement – Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County asked me to help them create a branded flier to be distributed to youth parents through a program called PeachJar.  This program allowed organizations to deliver information directly to the parents of children from specific schools within their service area.  This is one of four total created for varied programs offered through their Athletic Programs.  Each had the same theme, but each with a unique language to the sport and icon to reflect the actual activity (i.e, Ballet Dancer or Cheerleader).
  • Billboard Advertisement – Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County promotes their programs through a few digital billboards managed by the St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce.  These Billboards were given specific design size and file structure specifications, but I was given free creative control to create images that promoted the local club within the BGCA National Branding Guidelines.
  • Rack Card Design(Front | Back) America’s Paradise Resort needed a rack card type of promotional tool to place in the brochure racks at the local Tourist Information Centers located through the surrounding national park area to promote awareness of their property.  I created this piece in alignment with their brand.
  • Video Script Development – I worked with Dr. Susanne Cohen from Rescue Our Kids to refine the language and energy of her presentation to influence better results.  She was coming from a corporate perspective and working to develop a product targeted for a parent to potentially review with their child.  Her focus on the conversation was very scattered, making it difficult to hold her attention.  My contributions focused on a clear, concise conversation with a parent or child caregiver and giving them steps to take to support them in a bullying situation.  Video link is unable to be provided until permissions are received from all brands and celebrities involved.
  • Branded Graphics –  (Header Banner) I have developed a variety of branded graphics that were used as social headers for profile pages, as well as event headers, event emails, posting graphics used for general feed updates, and PPC ads in both B2B and B2C environments.

Web Development Samples

  • Golden Services Group, LLC – This is a WordPress-based website created under a temporary domain while keeping the old site publicly available.  I handled the entire development process including back-end set-up, front-end design, copywriting, on-page SEO, graphic preparation, and customizations with CSS, and update with Google Analytics.  When complete I migrated the files to the active directory, updated the SSL notices, and redirected all old domains.
  • Garden of Common Ground – This too is a WordPress website.  I worked with Misty to help her better portray her story and the passion for the energetic work she does.  While I had a reliable partner set up the core server files and plugins, they followed my structured process and direction to complete the tasks which I ensured were completed accurately.  I then worked with Misty to select images and design the pages.  This site includes eCommerce integration for her event registrations which notify her and send automatic communications to guests.  Specific skills used: Adobe Photoshop, CSS, DNS Management, Server Management.
  • Asadorian Rug Company – I handled the entire process of this web development project, including DNS management, back-end set-up, front-end design, copywriting, on-page SEO, graphic preparation, customizations with CSS, and set up with Google Analytics and release to the search engines.  We also integrated their website with HubSpot to help them better manage the form responses from their website and general customer management through the CRM tool.

More options are available upon request.

Samples of Operational or Strategic Communication Plans

Due to the competitive nature of most brands I have worked with, the physical examples I have created are often protected by Confidentiality Agreements; however, upon request, I can verbally navigate my thought process to develop such conversations in an effort to validate my capabilities while honoring these agreements.   Additionally, you can read some of my Stories where I share similar situations without disclosing brand names or critical information.

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