When it comes to exploring how to improve your sales conversion, the place to start is to first track the source for the challenge.

Here’s why…

The Psychology Behind Sales Conversion

In today’s environment of excessive choices, you typically only get one clear shot to state your case as to why you are the best solution for your target audience.  For example, in an online situation, you only have a 3-5 second window of opportunity to capture and hold their attention before their first judgment about you is made.   Once made, the brain delivers one of two clear choices:  click away or stay.   (If you stay, you’ll learn something cool.)

With either choice, did you know Science was involved?

Actually, both Psychology and a little Physics come into play.   To explain, here is a story shared by Julia in her presentations.

“Imagine if you will, a girl named Jill shopping online for a pair of new sneakers.  In the process of shopping, Jill triggers an advertisement for a brand of shoes called “Green Owl”.  Not to Jill’s liking, she keeps moving to review the opportunities that are delivered by Google.  She notices that the same Green Owl brand ad seems to follow her around the internet through pop-up ads that quickly becomes annoyed.  As she sees other shoes that are interesting, more ads begin to show, but because she is annoyed by the Green Owl ad, she really pays no attention that the brand in the ad has changed because she has mentally associated her frustration with the Green Own brand and just wants it to go away.  Jill becomes so frustrated that she finds herself telling her friends not to buy the Green Owl brand.  When asked why by her friend, Pam, Jill shares her experience.  Pam, being a good friend, emotionally relates to and feels her frustration.  Pam then shares a tip with Jill about installing an AdBlocker that allows you to forever say goodbye to the Green Owl brand (as well as all others.)”

So how does that story make you feel?

If you relate to Jill, you might feel a little internal victory celebration right now because you could specifically relate to her situation and are happy she found a solution to defeat the bully Ad.  In fact, you may also want to leave right now to find an AdBlocker for your own browser extension, but if you stay just a few more minutes you might find it interesting.

If you are a business who uses advertising,  like the Green Owl brand, you might be feeling a little confused as to why Jill is such a downer on your brand.  You didn’t really do anything to Jill, but her anger for all ads on the internet became related to the Green Owl brand.  Why? Because her emotion of anger was stored in her subconscious mind with the association of the condition that “the Green Owl brand is bad.”   The emotion of anger carries negative vibes so each time an Ad presented itself (Green Owl or not) it triggered this negative feeling and from there, anything that followed simply became part of her own frustrating Green Owl experience which she later shared with Pam (and who knows who else.)  Until Jill can physically identify with something that transforms her negative value to a neutral or positive value, she will forever store that situation in her subconscious memory and avoid the Green Owl brand.

So how do you avoid negative vibes about your brand?

Learning how to effectively communicate and deliver a message to your target audience, either in written or verbal conversations avoiding such subconscious triggers is where working with a Conversation Consultant comes in.

Translating The Mind of Your Customer

Ever since Julia Eudy was young, she had a weird talent of being able to zone-in on the subconscious or psychological triggers.  Later in life psychological terms like “HSP” or “highly sensitive person” had the closest description to explain her life experience, but to simplify, she describes it as “her mind is cross-wired in a way that makes me more sensitive to subtle human behaviors.”  Because of this, she tends to have human behaviors as the brightest thing on her sensory radar at all times.  Sorta like when you go to buy a car and find a red one of that brand you like, then see that car all over town after leaving the dealership.  She quietly zones-in on behavioral patterns or communication oddities that impact a person’s behavior pretty much all the time.  This quirky talent allows her to perceive human behavior a little differently. From body language to verbal or written messages, she has a sixth sense to identify actions, expressions, or hesitations that can identify a potentially negative response to your message.   Guided by this intuition she can help you craft conversations that are more likely to avoid negative vibes and establish a better foundation for measurable positive – or “yes”- responses thus helping you improve your sales conversion.

Would You Like To Improve Your Sales Conversion?

Which of the following best describe you?

  • Are you a sales manager looking to identify hidden behavioral triggers in your sales process that create a negative impact on your customer’s decision to buy?
  • Are you a marketing professional responsible for managing campaigns and advertisements and looking for ways to improve engagement results and increase the marketing performance of your campaigns?
  • Do you a B2C or B2B sales professional and would like insight on how to improve your conversation skills and income?

If one of these situations match your current experience, then finding a better solution starts with a simple conversation.   To receive a custom analysis of your conversations, please submit a request for an appointment using the Contact Form.

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