“The best benefits of a wiser website is that it removes the concept of “working harder” in your business and makes “working smarter” a reality.” – Julia Eudy

Unless well written, your website copy can create subconscious emotional triggers about your company in the mind of your target audience.  These triggers can be what causes them to never even consider your business for their needs.  But with today’s technology, your website can become a tool that helps you translate where your business fails to support your company, and better yet, where you can create immediate improvements that change your results for the better.  Your website, if well-written, can become a valuable marketing tool and even a virtual salesperson for your company that works 24/7/365, but it requires training to be able to do a great job of communicating with your customers.

No matter who your technical team might be, creating a Wiser Website is something Julia Eudy can help you engineer.

What is a Wiser Website?

A Wiser Website is a better trained and more productive virtual employee for your business that can save you both time and money.  Let me explain…

A Wiser Website is one that truly anticipates the needs of your visitors and can grow with your company.  It is loaded with helpful information and organized in a way that helps you stand out from your competition.  The best part is that it is actually designed to attract new consumers!  Instead of paying for advertisements that produce little conversion, Julia Eudy can help you reinvest that budget into building a valuable virtual employee.  Visitors are gently navigated through a pre-set sales process with measurable actions, collecting data on every click in a conversational manner.  This data then helps you identify hesitations in their purchase process and helps you identify a conversational strategy that systematically increases your sales conversion.

Developing a Wiser Website is Key to Improving Your Online Performance

The more efficient you allow your website to be created, the more ways it can help your business flourish.  Here are just a few examples of how a Wiser Website has helped other companies:

  • Optimize Everyday Tasks:  Simply adding better forms to a bakery’s website Julia helped one business owner reduce the time she spent on the phone fielding common questions creating more time in her day.  With that newfound freedom, she was able to reduce her part-time labor and return to some of the tasks she really enjoyed doing -which was also why she started her company.  The “icing on the cake” was she was also able to increase her online orders and open additional distribution channels for her products.
  • Strengthen Your Voice in the Community:  Moving a non-profit organization from an old, volunteer-created website to a Wiser Website created an immediate improvement in their communications and fundraising efforts.  Now, it has become the central hub for all of their Member and outreach activities.  Since the initial development, Julia has specifically helped them streamline online payments for a variety of Member activities while allowing them to remain financially aligned to the goals of their mission. We have also improved the digital resources included in the website to make it more convenient for Members to access information which reduced the burden on their limited staff as well as saving cost on printing and distribution.  This stronger foundation has also supported its Board of Directors in promoting fundraising events leading to greater participation and drawing awareness to the needs they serve in their community.
  • End Wasteful Spending on Digital Marketing:  Advertising in digital marketing outlets like Google Adwords can get costly depending on the number of keywords and market you target.  All too often business owners simply increase their budget considering if what they have to say is actually contributing to the desired sales to match their investment.  The common problem found in these situations is that their website lacked the ability to hold the attention of the traffic created by the ad.  Instead of blindly throwing more money at an ad delivering little or no results, work smarter by creating a Wiser Website that actually contributed measurable data to show them where they needed to make adjustments to improve their sales.

Could You Use a Wiser Website?

Would you agree that using technology, like your smartphone, makes your life easier?  How about using computer programs to do what may have been manual tasks?  Now, just imagine how more productive your business could be, or the growth it could experience if you had the thought process of the perfect employee greeting every online customer?  This is what a Wiser Website can do for your business.

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