Introduction to Julia Eudy

Julia Eudy - the conversation consultant

Julia Eudy – Communications Consultant

Julia is a person of many talents.  She is highly creative (in both design and wordcraft) and very technically adept, but her real intellect comes from observing human behavior.  When she was young she was drawn to technology but really intrigued by what inspired a person’s decisions.  While she can appreciate the benefits that technology provides she also saw how humanity became drawn to convenience, but totally blind to how it changed their ability to interact with other people.  In addition to the lingering risks of data loss and cyber threats, the greatest human impact was in changing how we communicate.  Where we once relied upon face-to-face conversations, eye contact, and the emotional expression of body language, humanity had now become conditioned to decipher acronyms, hashtag phrases, and messages implied by images to piece together segmented conversations.  Too much data caused overwhelm for some, so they just never tried, and apps became a new addition to our mental distraction further alienating one’s interaction with another.  Her observations added fuel to her interests in studying psychology and neuroscience topics to better understand the nuances of human behavior and how it now was now impacting digital sales and marketing.  Her discoveries in these areas have made a profound upgrade on her marketing and communication purpose and have ultimately helped her define, refine and improve digital marketing strategies for a wide variety of brands.

With the data collected by digital marketing tools, she was able to study how applying behavioral theories created greater results in digital marketing campaigns in a shorter amount of time.  Through her company, Golden Services Group, LLC, she has conducted over 19 years of research on a variety of conversations that have confirmed her theory that “technology has changed humanity’s ability to effectively communicate”.  Through her consulting and training efforts she seeks to help humanity see the real difference that can happen when you listen to the data.

Today, Julia remains an avid learner of both technology and psychology and uses the internet to track and monitor behavioral data.  She works closely with professionals and brands to manage the creation of communication systems that track the performance of digital conversations with both B2B and B2C audiences.  She sits on the Web Development and Multimedia Advisory Board at St. Charles Community College where she consults on the curriculum needed to prepare students for jobs and co-teaches their capstone class to provide project management oversight on a web design project as well as helps prepare students for entering the workforce.  She often mentors students on seeking jobs in Technology and also speaks publicly on topics related to Cyber Security, Bridging the Gap in Technology Jobs and Education, Human Behavior and Marketing, and Effective Digital Communications.

She is open for freelance, consulting, or educational projects in the St. Louis Metro area or in opportunities that can be performed virtually.

Career Experience

In all positions Julia has held, she has always been the person to take the initiative to learn more.  This ambition has helped her explore new perspectives on human behavior and the roles common sense, confidence, and empathy can play in the workplace and the community.  Specific positions she has held include:

  • Team Leader
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Web Developer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Curriculum Development
  • Copy Writer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Account Manager
  • GDPR Data Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Accounting (AP/AR)
  • Production Assistant
  • Certified Author Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Speaker
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • College Educator

Some of the Brands Supported

  • Wetterau, Inc.
  • SuperValu Inc.
  • Shop’n Save
  • Pony Express
  • Contractor Success Group
  • International Service Leadership
  • Fastlane Savings
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • HMA Hotels
  • St. Charles Community College
  • Golden Services Group, LLC
  • McDonald’s
  • Gynecologic Surgery, LTD
  • Kick International
  • Electro Image LLC
  • TechEd Tutors
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton
  • Breakthrough The Movie
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Rescue Our Kids
  • Conscious Activation International
  • Three Rivers Beekeepers

Technical Skills

  • WordPress (85%)
  • Google Analytics (85%)
  • Search Engine Optimization (75%)
  • Copy Writing (95%)
  • Microsoft Word (87%)
  • Microsoft Excel (85%)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (85%)
  • Microsoft Publisher (87%)
  • eCommerce (varied tools)
  • Adobe Illustrator (45%)
  • Adobe Photoshop (65%)
  • HTML (55%)
  • CSS (45%)
  • SASS (35%)
  • SalesForce (45%)
  • Video Editing (60%)
  • Podcast Production (35%)
  • HootSuite (75%)
  • Facebook Business Manager (75%)
  • Asana Project Manager (65%)
  • MailChimp (75%)
  • Constant Contact (75%)
  • Server Management (60%)
  • DNS Management (75%)

Soft Skills

  • Native Language: English
  • Excellent Written Communications
  • Proven Leader
  • Process Developer
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Attentive to Details
  • Problem Solver
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Public Speaker
  • Big-Picture Thinker
  • Organized
  • Avid Learner
  • Team Player
  • Dependable
  • Flexible
  • Customer Focused

Certifications & Education

St. Louis Community College
Associate in Applied Science
Administrative Office Systems
(Finished with 78 CR/HR)

Additional Courses & Certificates

  • Basics of Graphic Design & Publishing (3 CR/HR)
  • Business Management (6 CR/HR)
  • Advanced Marketing (9 CR/HR
  • Adobe Illustrator (8 CR/HR)
  • Mastering Quickbooks (14 CPC)
  • Advanced Database Design (9 CR/HR)
  • Web Design-HTML/CSS (3 CR/HR)
  • Social Media Marketing (3 CR/HR)
  • Certified Professional Author’s Assitant

Volunteer Work

Web Design Chair and Communications Strategist (Since June 2012)
On an as-needed basis Julia has served as the technical contact for web development, technical support, and online marketing and communications strategist for several local non-profit organizations including the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County, United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Rescue Our Kids, and Missouri KIDS.

Technology Advisory Board at St. Charles Community College (Since 2013)
As an Advisory Board Member, Julia helps us foster relationships with community employers to identify the ongoing skills needed in the workforce and advise educational staff on these trends to make recommendations for curriculum enhancements or individual programs they can offer to better prepare students for new skills needed in the current job market.

Intern Mentor (Since 2002)
Julia has worked with both Missouri State University, St. Charles Community College, and the Internship Program started within Golden Services Group, LLC, to work with both national and international college students seeking hands-on experience in the online marketing field.  Responsibilities included working directly one-on-one with them as a mentor helping them prepare for a career or invite them to work on community projects to offer hands-on experience in web design and online marketing to build their portfolio.


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Can Julia Help You?

Your Brand and how it is perceived as important to your growth.  Treating people the way they want to be treated is builds both respect and trust in your audience.  Helping you identify where you can improve your conversation to help develop greater respect and trust, is Julia’s specialty.  To discover how her unique perspective can help you stand out and be seen, it begins with you taking the next step to start a conversation.

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